Lilli Loge


Maria said...

love your blog!!!

have some drawings much alike respecting topics in my portfolios!

great work!

Agus tina said...

a friend told me that today is the opening of the exibition about chicks on comics here in buenos aires, is any of you going to be there?it would be amazing to be able to tell you how amazing you are in person, though I guess you must here it a lot.
well, i don't want to be anoyingly flattering so I'll better leave.

SnowY said...


Really? There's gonna be an exibition here??? I wanna go, i wanna have more info! (Sugus, sos de acá?)

About the comic: I hate when my male-mates make that sort of comments at university. It freaks me out. jaja

BASSY said...

Dear people,
the exhibition opened Friday night in the LDF galeria in San Telmo in Buenos Aires. Unfortunately only the Chicks who live in Argentina could attend.
The show will run until 22 October so you can still see it.

Thanks for the many compliments! We are so inspired when people write that they like the blog!

Maria said...

where is it exactly? I'm from Uurguay and i'm going to buenos aires this weekend ! i'd love to see your work!

please let me know!

BASSY said...

You can see the flyer to the show, with info's like adress and opening times when you click on 'news' on the top of this page.
Be sure to check in there later to catch up on photos, documentation or new upcoming events.
LDF's blog also carries information: http://ldfgaleria.blogspot.com/