Lilli and Ulla Loge are leaving COC to concentrate on other exciting projects. We are happy they have been part of the collective this long and we look forward to seeing the future fruits of their labours!

You'll continue to be able to follow their work on:

We have two new Chicks in our team:
Chiquinha from Brazil  and Julia Homersham from New Zeland.  Welcome!


View photos of the September 2014 Musaraña exhibition on their F'book page here.
And to for photos of the documentation and the preparation, look at this post by Delius on her blog. 



Chicks on Comics es un blog en donde 9 historietistas mujeres conversan. 
Entre diferentes ciudades de América y Europa se entrecruzan viñetas y diálogos.
Este  colectivo internacional, ya expuso en Manizales (Colombia), Berlín (Alemania) y Buenos Aires. Y en septiembre las chicks regresan a la Argentina con una muestra en Casa Florida.
La muestra se compone de historietas creadas a partir de la combinación de un género y un medio de transporte (musical + bicicleta, road movie + camión , ciencia ficción + bote, entre otras) y de conversaciones silenciosas, algo así como un cadáver exquisito ilustrado.

Inauguración: 13 de septiembre de 2014, 19 hs.
Cierre: 6 de octubre de 2014

Lugar: Casa Florida Galería, Gral. José María Paz 1530 , Florida.  Vicente López, Buenos Aires

Las Chicks on comics son:
Powerpaola (ecuatoriana) desde Buenos Aires
Ulla Loge (alemana) desde Berlín
Clara Lagos (argentina) desde Buenos Aires
Maartje Schalkx (holandesa) desde Londres
Sole Otero (argentina) desde Buenos Aires
Lilli Loge (alemana) desde Berlín
Caro Chinaski (argentina) desde Buenos Aires
Anna Bas Backer (holandesa) desde Berlín
Delius (argentina) desde Buenos Aires


16.03.2013 Panel Discussion


14.03.2013 Opening Exhibition (c) Galerie Futura


13-30.09.2011At "Entreviñetas", the 2nd International Festival for Comics in Colombia, the Chicks on Comics show their work in an exhibition (Previously shown at the LDF Gallery in Buenos Aires during the Viñetas Sueltas Festival in 2010).


Los esperamos en la segunda versión del Festival Internacional de Cómics en Colombia: Entreviñetas 2011

This September the second International Festival for Comics will take place in Colombia: Entreviñetas 2011 

Chicks on Comics authors Powerpaola and Clara Lagos are invited artists.



Since shortly, Chicks on Comics have started contributing their posts to Los Superdemokraticos. Los Superdemokraticos is a blog by authors and editors Rery Maldonado und Nikola Richter. Viewing themselves as a 'pilot project for intellectual fair-trade' ; for the fair exchange between the Americas and Germany, they air subjective opinions and perspectives from selected authors on global themes. 
Their author's exchange between Germany and Latin-America parallels that of Chicks on Comics. After bumping into each other at a 'Girls on Web Society' meeting in Berlin, it was decided working together could be interesting. Presently, LSD publishes Chicks on Comics posts next to thematically matching articles.


There was an article in the feminist 'Missy magazine' in Germany, where the Chicks on Comics were featured:

Addicted to Comics.
At the latest since the publication of Alison Bechdel's "Fun Home" in 2008, comics by women are the talk of the day. With her drawn memoirs Bechdel landed a surprise success making it as far as the ‘New York Times’ bestseller list. On a trip through South America in the same year, the Dutch graphic artist Anna Bas Backer had the idea for Chicks on Comics. Together with the artist Powerpaola from Colombia ((Ed.)Ecuador) Anna founded the probably first ever transatlantic illustration-group-blog. The name is a tribute to the feministic cult-band Chicks on Speed. “Just that in our case we’re addicted to comics”, says Anna. Today eight artists hold a visual conversation on the blog: every drawing refers to the previous one. One of Anna’s illustrations for example shows a girl, who’s drawing means the world to her. Clara Lagos from Buenos Aires answers with two knights that carry a pencil as “weapon against boredom and sadness”. A great system where the only flaw seems to be that the internet can’t produce a perfect replica of all original colors. But the readers of the blog don’t seem to be bothered by that. The chicks especially have a lot of fans in South America, where the online-comic scene is somewhat ahead of the one in Germany. The chicks are especially interested in being an example to younger women in a way that they missed when they grew up. Also in the comic scene back then women were few and far between. These days things look brighter – just think of Katharina Greve. The Hamburg-born cartoonist recently received the ICOM Preis for her comic “Ein Mann geht an die Decke”. In the over 100 episodes of her online-strip “The Tragedy of Things” (in Ulli Lust’s ‘screen comic publisher’ Electrocomics) she hands over the floor to cupboards, ladles and other objects, that wouldn’t otherwise get a word in edgewise. Since January a new strip appears weekly - a hot tip. 

Chicksoncomics in Bogotá  (The pretty poster is by Powerpaola) La Otra is a contemporary art fair in Bogotá, Colombia. For this show two additional guest Chicks have been invited to create 'posts': Mariana Gil and Alejandra Hernández. ....and the finissage in Buenos Aires is Friday Ocotber 22 in Galería LDF, Perú 711, dpto. 3 


Videos from the OPENING : watch here and here.

the installation of the exhibition... 


1.Oktober 2010 OPENING ...of the chicks on comics exhibtion in LDF Gallery / Buenos Aires
at the Viñetas Sueltas Festival.