powerpaola ana extranjera carochinaski maartje clara lagos ulla loge delius powerpaola ana extranjera


Santiago Verón said...

Ah la mierda. ¿Qué pasó? Esto está re bueno! ....Hace cuánto está?

(¿se puede commentear en inglés?)

Santiago Verón said...

...ja ja ja están conversando! Cada comic sigue al anterior, ahora entiendo...

"Enough about colour"... con la de azul no se jode

maartje said...

my spanish is a bit rusty. translation anyone?

Model Citizen aka Bonnie Rue said...

ooh I am excited about this blog!
please post often!

BASSY said...

lemme see if i get this right.. San said about your work; 'about the one in blue; she's not fucking around (read: kiddin' around) is she?' And when they say 'jajaja' in spanish, they mean; 'hahaha'. I think San likes..

Santiago Verón said...

Hahaha yeah, I guess it's OK to comment in English now.

So where you from? It doesn't say on the site, though I could check around each of your blogs I guess.
Bassbaker translated me better than myself, but I'll give it a try:
1) "Holy shit. What happened? This is really good! ...How long has it been around?

(can one comment in English?)"

2)"...ha ha ha they're having a chat! Each comic follows the one before, now I get it...

'Enough about colour'... don't mess with the one in blue."

So: How did this came to be? I got the link from Historietas Reales but there hasn't been any formal presentation.
...Is any of you from Finland? Or Norway, or something like that? 'Cause that would be really cool... Ha, really, I mean, is English the mother tonge of all of you?

Unknown said...

q bueno! aguanten las chicas! y aguanten los comics!!

Unknown said...

Maart: I love the use of pink in the nipples. You are a funny girl.
Anna: Well done! I can't believe how much you've changed. In the world of comics, that is.



powerpaola said...

We come from different countries but in orther to keep the dialogue open to the most number of people we use english.

BASSY said...

Elineeeee!!!!! luv ya babe! great to see you here in the world of blog!

Michelle said...

love this!
it took some minutes for me to realize that each one follows the next one, haha
By the way, I am from Buenos Aires, Argentina

Anonymous said...

buenisimos tus dibujos
me encantan
te tengo en fotolog desde hace bastante :)

te dejo un beso
nos vemos


ANGIE said...

aahh me siento muy identificada con el dibujito de tu flog.

oh no ;)

P♀ly said...

yo no me identifico con nada - que no es algo malo para nadie, ni siquiera es Algo - pero ana extranjera me hace sangrar la nariz

King AdBeck said...

Of the eight contributors, it seems one of you can really draw, one of you can really write, and one of you can neither draw nor write - but I'll not tell which is which.

Just kidding - I applaud your efforts and hope you keep going. Check out my comic strip / blog sometime and drop a line.

King AdBeck
Rebeldog Comics

onecha said...

entiendo que usen el inglés a modo de unión , pero estaría bueno también que tradujeran algunos, ya que hay una fan acá que no sabe mucho de inglés
Y aguante powerpaola !

Todd William said...

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